Typical Places Of Work Which Use High Visibility Clothes

There are many different types of employment which use high visibility clothing as part of their required everyday staff uniforms. Sometimes even those who work on MDF Skirtingboard are required to wear high vis clothing. Of course, while high-vis clothing is not just reserved for the world of the workforce, it is here where it is most commonly found. You may be able to think back to when you last saw someone wearing high visibility clothes and their job position should be easy to recall. If you are interested in learning where you will usually find high-vis clothing, then read on to discover more.

Public Roles

High visibility clothes are a common sight when it comes to positions of work outdoors. The types of people you will see wearing high-vis while they are at work are as follows:

Walking Bus Guardians: These are the staff who escort groups of children too and from school on foot. Typically they will wear a bright yellow vest. It is also common to see crossing wardens at pelican crossings holding up a stop sign while wearing a high visibility jacket.

Grocery Store Carpark Attendants: The staff who work at a grocery store parking lots will typically be wearing either an orange or yellow jacket with reflective strips on it. The same can be seen on those who round up shopping carts and collect litter.

Official roles

Official roles are those of people who work for local government or in a civil servant position and can be seen out on the streets throughout the day.

Medics & Police: Medics can most usually be seen wearing green bodysuits, which feature reflective detailing. The police can often be found wearing yellow high visibility clothes, such as vests etc. This is particularly true at large events.

Parking Enforcement: Love them or hate them, parking enforcement officers will normally be seen wearing a bright yellow jacket with reflective strips on it. The reflective strips are useful due to the fact that they work on busy roads and streets.

Private Roles

Private roles consist of those employed by a private company and will usually be out of public sight.

Warehouse Workers: Warehouse workers who are surrounded by HGV’s and heavy machinery will usually be required to wear high visibility clothes while at work. This will typically be accompanied by a hard hat and brightly coloured gloves.

Construction Workers: Construction is one of the most hazardous jobs around, so high-vis clothing is an absolute must. With many dangerous vehicles around, such as diggers, cranes, and loading trucks, it is imperative that all construction workers wear the correct high visibility clothing at all times.

Final Thoughts

Next time you are out and about, take a look around and make note of all the different types of people wearing high visibility clothing. The above are simply just a few common examples of the types of workers who wear the clothing, and there are literally 1000’s more out there including people who install MDF Skirtingboard.