Tips and Tricks to Make Your Ceiling Look Higher

Having a low ceiling can definitely make any room look cramped. But sometimes, increasing the ceiling height through renovation will require a lot of work and certainly a lot of money.

Luckily, there are some simple tricks you can try to create an illusion of having a higher ceiling. These tricks only require minor renovation or minimal adjustment but can bring a major difference in the appearance of your ceiling.

1. Paint your ceiling with light colors such as white or paint your walls with dark colors. When your ceiling is noticeably lighter than your walls, it can create an illusion of having more space.

2. Paint your ceiling with high gloss paint. Just as how mirrors can make a room look more spacious, the reflective properties of a high gloss paint can also make the ceiling look higher.

3. Paint your walls with vertical stripes. As with clothing patterns, vertical stripes can make your body look more slender and can make you look taller. Vertical stripes can do the same for your walls – they can make your walls appear taller and your ceiling appear higher than it really is.

4. Install floor to ceiling doors and windows. Since windows and doors that run from the ceiling to the floor will make your wall look taller, it will also impact the way your ceiling looks. Additionally, floor to ceiling windows is incredibly large that they can invite a lot of natural light in. Natural light does wonders in making a room look wider and more open. Make sure you find a reputable window installation company to install your windows.

5. Hang wall paintings or wall mirrors as high as you possibly can. Wall paintings and mirrors that hang in an elevated spot on the wall will create an illusion that your ceiling is higher.

6. Hang curtains on a higher spot. This is also an effective trick in making your ceiling look higher than it actually is, just like hanging wall decorations higher.


How Lighting Can Affect the Mood of a Room

Lights don’t only illuminate rooms in a house. Different types of lights can also amplify the style of your room. In addition, with the right choice of lighting for your home, you can influence the mood of a room.

So, if there’s a particular mood you want a room to invoke in a person, you have to choose each lighting for a room carefully.

For instance, bright lights can instantly make a room look more spacious and more open. A room that looks more open can make you feel light and more positive. Using bright lights in a room with light colored walls and large windows can be a great combination if you want to inspire a cool, breezy feeling.

Bright lights can also make you feel more awake. It is your best choice for rooms where you need constant alertness such as the kitchen. Since the kitchen is where you prepare food, you should be focused while cooking and you need to be able to spot any dirt in the area for you to be able to clean it right away.

If you have a home office in your house, bright lights can inspire professionalism and can help you to concentrate while working.

On the other hand, dim lights can inspire relaxation and comfort. If you want your living room to be as relaxing and cozy as it could be, you can use dim lights for it. Dim lights combined with plush cushions will truly make anyone feel relaxed.

Alternatively, you can also add a dimmer to your lights so you can simply adjust the level of lighting depending on the mood you want to bring out. You can even inspire romance with simply adjusting your lighting.

Accent lights on walls can easily put an emphasis on a particular spot in your room. Therefore, if there is a specific item in the room that you want to highlight, such as a rare wall painting, accent lights are the best for you.   

Interior Designer

Is Hiring an Interior Designer Right for You?

When you build a house, there are so many fees you have to allocate funds for.

You need to pay for the lot, the permits, the building materials, the professional fees of the workers involved, and so on. And because of the numerous expenses you need to settle in order for you to build your home, it’s unsurprising if the last thing on your mind is an additional thing or service to spend on.

However, hiring an interior designer is something you should be considering. There are numerous benefits you can gain when you hire the services of a certified interior designer.

And, even though some might think that the professional fee of an interior designer is just another needless expense you need to pay, actually, getting an interior designer can even help you save money.

This is because an interior designer can save you from unnecessary spending. Usually, when you design your home yourself, it’s very easy to be tempted into buying fancy, ornate items that you don’t really need. Interior designers can help you stick to your set budget without sacrificing style and sophistication. These professionals can think of many creative ways to beautify your home without going above your budget.

An interior designer won’t only help you pick your home items carefully to make your space even more beautiful. They can also help you select items that would actually be useful for you – not just decorative.

If you will build a small home, an interior designer can help you make the most out of your space so that you can have everything you need without the space looking cramped.

And finally (but probably the biggest advantage of hiring an interior designer), an interior designer can help you choose items that will actually have an impact on the value of your home. You won’t have to blindly choose beautiful items when you have an interior designer – you will get materials that have beauty, value, and functionality all in one!

Renovation Project

How To Find the Best Contractor for Your Home Renovation Project

Home renovation or improvement project, albeit exciting, can be quite stressful, especially if you are not certain if you have hired the right guys for the job.

The unfortunate thing about home renovations is that you might only find out that you have hired the wrong guys at least when you are already halfway through the project. In some cases, you only discover you’ve received horrible work quality once the job is completed and you were walked through and got to inspect the end results much closer.

If you have hired inexperienced or bad contractors, more stress could come your way because it would mean re-work – which would cost you additional time. On the other hand, if you have hired the best contractor for you, your renovation project is as good as completed successfully.

To be able to find the finest contractor that would suit your needs, there are some things you keep in mind:

First and foremost, you have to be sure and specific on what you exactly want to be done.

Sometimes, the problem lies with miscommunication or misunderstandings between the contractor and the client. If you are certain and very particular with what you want, you can ask the contractor if they are experienced in the specific type of work you want to be done. From the answers, you will get during the interview with the contractor you can find out how knowledgeable they are regarding the specific details you want.

A busy, in-demand contractor could be a good sign.

If your contractor is a busy one, it could be an indication that he has many clients and projects to work on. This could be a good sign because it would mean that their talents are appreciated by many. However, you have to be wary of contractors who are way too busy because they might not have much time to concentrate on your home. Before hiring a busy contractor, make sure that they are able to take on your project and dedicate sufficient time to it.

Check their past clients as well as their work portfolio.

Portfolios are nice to look at and could really serve as a testament to what a contractor could do for you. However, the actual work ethics and professionalism of your contractor could only be revealed when you talk to past clients. Check both of these things.